4 Ways To Care For And Protect The Health Of The Trees In Your Auckland Garden

Beautiful trees add enormous value to any property – not only do they look lovely, they offer a shady spot to sit under, a natural play area for kids and they make any garden look established and lush. But if you don’t look after your trees’ health, they can become overgrown and vulnerable to diseases, which can turn them from a thing of beauty to a dangerous hazard.

Here are 4 ways to care for your trees so you can enjoy them for many years to come:

1. Schedule an annual visit from a qualified Auckland arborist.
Everyone loves trees, but few are qualified to care for them. For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to bring in a dedicated Arborist Auckland – or tree doctor, if you like – to give your trees an annual check-up.

An arborist will know when a tree is not planted in the right place, when it needs to be trimmed to enable it to grow safely and will be able to pick up the early signs of disease.

2. Keep the branches in check
When a tree’s branches are butting up against your walls, or brushing power lines, this can be dangerous. Rather than letting your tree grow unchecked until it becomes a hazard, keep the limbs trimmed.

Keep an eye out for diseases and any dead limbs, as these may fall and damage lower branches and injure passersby. If you’re not an expert in Tree Trimming, the wise thing to do is to call an Auckland tree-trimmer to trim and shape the tree safely.

3. Check your trees after big storms
We all know how changeable the Auckland weather can be, and heavy winds and violent storms can damage trees – loosening roots and cracking limbs. When the weather’s been a little heavy, check for any damage. Loosened roots could cause a tree to fall over, damaging buildings and cars, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the base of your trees as much as you do on the branches.

4. Look for unusual changes
Is your previously evergreen tree sporting yellow and brown leaves? Are the branches wilting? Perhaps the bark is softer than it usually is. It’s worth educating yourself about diseases that afflict Auckland trees for two reasons: first, you don’t want to lose your trees, and secondly, diseased trees are weak, which means they will lose limbs and could fall on people or property. If you suspect your trees may be infected, it’s better to take action immediately.

Tree Factor’s team includes fully qualified and insured Auckland tree trimmers and arborists. We’ll help you keep your trees healthy, trimmed and beautiful. We also do Tree Removals and Stump Grinding. Invest in the future of your trees and call us today.

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