Do you have palm trees that are too big, starting to decay, causing a mess or that you simply want to remove from your property? The Tree Factor team of qualified arborists in Auckland have extensive and specialist experience when it comes to removing palms or trimming your palms. Palms are very sturdy and robust requiring extensive knowledge, specialist equipment and professionals to remove them safely, quickly and efficiently. Removing palms can be hazardous as they could cause damage or infection and harbour pests like rats and possums.

Let the Tree Factor team of qualified arborist based on the North Shore in Auckland take away all the hassle and worries as they remove your palms safely and efficiently. Our experienced and professional team of arborists will have the job done in no time, finishing the job by removing the stump and leaving your property clean and tidy.


  • A qualified and experienced team of arborists
  • A professional, friendly, and helpful attitude
  • Skilled and safe work practices that exceed requirements
  • Competitive prices
  • Hassle free service from quoting to cleaning up
  • Fully insured service



The palm tree on your property in Auckland may have been an attractive landscape feature in the past but if it is now time to remove it, you should call us! Our Tree Factor team in Auckland will discuss all your options and will explain the process to you so that you can rest assured that you are in good hands. There is no palm that we cannot access and no palm too big or too small! No matter what the difficulties or complications, we will come up with a plan that suites your requirements.

For more information on our palm removal services in Auckland, South Auckland, North Shore and West Auckland palm removal and a free, no obligation quote, call us today on 021-0865-8931


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