Why Hire An Auckland Arborist?

Ever wondered whether you need an arborist? Well, many homeowners who are serious about their gardens have considered this, and it is essential to know why you should hire the services of a qualified Auckland arborist.

Protecting your trees is an investment that can have substantial returns. Well-maintained trees add to the aesthetic value of any property and add value to your home or commercial property. And on the other hand, poorly cared for trees can be a liability. With the dangers attached to pruning or removing trees, this work should be done only by a professional Auckland arborist.

What services does an arborist offer?

  • Pruning: With their knowledge of trees, these specialists can determine and recommend the type of pruning required to maintain or improve the health of trees, their appearance and prevent them from becoming a safety hazard.
  • Tree removal: Although removing a tree is often the last resort when it becomes necessary, it’s always best done by a qualified arborist. This is because cutting down a tree can be very dangerous, with the potential to damage property and injure or worse.
  • Planting: If you’re planning a new garden or updating an old one and want to add trees, an arborist can recommend which species will be best for your garden.
  • Tree health: An arborist can assess the health of your trees, diagnose any diseases, fungi or pest infestations and provide the necessary treatment.

When you hire a tree care company, it is crucial that you hire one with certified arborists and insurance. They will have taken a comprehensive examination compiled by national experts in the field to qualify for accreditation.

Be an informed customer and make sure that you are educated in the basics of tree care and the services of an arborist before hiring one. Hiring a top Auckland arborist, like those from Tree Factor, is one of the best ways to ensure that the job gets done professionally.

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