Need to remove a tree from your property? Perhaps its branches and leaves are blocking the light or clogging your drains and gutters. The tree could be growing too big for your garden. Tree limbs can interfere with power lines, phone lines, gutters, awnings and the roof and walls of your home, and growing roots can disrupt water pipes, driveways and building foundations. A dead or dying tree can spread disease, with the additional risk of falling over in poor weather conditions.

Any of these reasons is a cause for concern and means that you’ll need a safe and reliable Auckland Tree Removal, Cutters & Tree Cutting service. Tree Factor can remove any tree safely and affordably.


  • Block out too much sunlight
  • Have out grown the available space
  • Are dead, dying or diseased
  • Cause too much leaf fall resulting in blocked drains and gutters
  • Have roots growing under foundations, paths, driveways resulting in cracks and damage
  • Have roots growing through water pipes, into drains and are causing damage and costly blockages
  • Are close to or interfering with power or phone lines
  • Are causing damage to your gutters, roof, walls and awnings
  • Are unstable and may fall over in high winds and bad weather
  • Have decay or cracks in the stem and branches
Answering yes to any of these may mean that the tree is no longer suitable for the space and requires removal.


The Tree Factor team is trained and experienced in all aspects of tree removals, including awkward and tight location removals between buildings or on slopes. To help get the job done, we’ve invested in the latest machinery, making the process more cost-effective and efficient for our clients. If our existing equipment can’t rig a tree down safely, we’ll use cranes and helicopters to assist. From the start to the completion of the job, we’ll prioritise the safety of you, your family and your property.


Once a client requests a free quote, we’ll have one of our professional arborists assess the situation in person. We’ll then offer them unbiased and obligation-free advice, taking into account any safety risks and issues regarding the tree’s health, species and positioning, as well as any council restrictions and resource consent requirements. We’ll then advise you on the most effective and efficient way to deal with the problem, which could involve complete tree removal or just pruning it.

No matter which of our services you opt for, we’ll only consider the job done when you’re happy and we’ve left the tree site clean, tidy and free of debris. If you’ve opted for removal, we can also provide you with stump grinding or removal options at a later stage.

If you’re unsure of whether to remove, retain or prune your trees, give us a call for professional and unbiased advice from our team of qualified arborists. You can always rely on our Auckland tree removal services.

Speak to an expert Auckland arborist.

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